Salon Foto Indonesia 42 Jakarta
29 May 2022

Celebrate who you are..
Celebrate the life you have..
Celebrate your creation…
Celebrate yourself.

Let’s Participate
Salon Foto Indonesia 42
Celebrating Life

Entry Start Date : 15 May 2022
Ending Date : 25 July 2022

Category Section
FPSI, PSA Digital
Theme : My Country (PIDC) : Color Images only
Theme : People (PIDC) : Color Images only
Theme : Light and Shadow (PIDM) : Monochrome Images onlye
Photo Travel (PTD) : Color or Monochrome Images
All the above 4 section are recognized by PSA 2022-410 and FPSI

FPSI Print (For Indonesian Entrant Only)
Cetak Warna : Bebas
Cetak Monokrom : Bebas
All the above section are recognized by FPSI

Entry Fee
4 Category Softcopy
Individual Є17 / US$ 19 each entrants (4 categories)
Group/Club (Min 6 People) Є15 / US$ 17 each entrants (4 categories)

Indonesian Entrants
Individual/Grup IDR 280 K each entrants (4 categories)

2 Kategori Cetak
Warna/Monokrom IDR 100 K per kategori
(maks 4 foto per kategori)

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Vincent Kohar : +628161969028 (WA ONLY)
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